Why Invest in Africoin?

What Can I Buy With Africoin?

You can use your Africoin to pay for major Airline tickets, book hotels, pay for Cable TVs (DSTV, GOTV, MyTV Africa etc) after its official launch.

You can also use it to pay for movie tickets, shop online for items like mobile phones, computers, clothings, furniture etc. Major tech vendors like Microsoft, Dell, Amazon etc will be accepting Africoin as a payment option for their goods and services.

Africoin is a premium crypto and its is projected to be the fourth largest crypto-currency in the world because of its investment in the Block Chain and its ecosystem centered on the fourth largest continent Africa.

Africoin will be inter-convertible with Bitcoin making it possible to convert your Africoin to Bitcoin with ease; What this implies is that whatever Bitcoin buys, Africoin buys! Here are the top items you can purchase Bitcoin with:

15 Amazing Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin Today
Source: https://cointelegraph.com

Luxury Villa, Kalamata, Greece

After looking at this picture, there really isn’t a whole lot to say about whether this villa in Verga Messinia is worth just over 4,500 BTC or 1.2 million Euros. 3 levels, with orange, pear and fig fruit trees on the first level, a 45 square meter swimming pool on the second level, and 50 olive trees and solar panels on the third level. Five bathrooms, a 50 square meter barbecue, and it sits only 5 minutes from Kalamata Beach.



I think we can all agree that only a true baller has their own submarine. Selling for just over 7,900 Bitcoins, or 2.1 million Euros, these special submersibles are designed to fit onto your yacht just right. It measures only 171 cm and 3500 kg, making them very portable while optimizing your view of the deep blue sea. They can carry up to three people to depths up to 300 meters below.


120' Tri-Deck Mega Yacht

Now that you have a submarine, you’ll definitely need one of these bad boys to carry it in. Attractively priced at 21,375 BTC, or US$6.3 Million, you might recall of a yacht a couple of years ago being sold for US$11 million in bitcoin? Yes, this is the same one, now priced to move! Save US$4.7 million, and that price is negotiable! Features include: 5000-gallon gas tank and 650-gallon water tanks, two VIP Staterooms, two Guest Staterooms, a Sky Lounge, and salon.


5BR Mantra Nature Retreat, Tabanan, Bali

Just so you’ll know, Southern France, Panama, and Bali are major hotbeds for luxury real estate sold for bitcoin. This luxury hideaway just 500 meters from Pantai Pasut river currently goes for just over 4,700 Bitcoins or 1.25 million Euros. It comes with its own staff and chef with “an event sized kitchen.” Within you'll find 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, plus three swimming pools. Enjoy LED lighting, a pool table lounge, and a home cinema theater. I think you’ll like it here.


Riva Super Ego 68' 2012

If you have about 7,500 Bitcoins or 2 million Euros, this bad boy is all you. Even its name is perfect! Besides looking like a bargain at that price, what else can it do? It houses over 1,600 HP, has a satellite decoder, a Bose sound system, a Raymarine Autopilot, is equipped with GPS and Radar, has its own grille and will wash your dishes!


World's Largest Heart-Shaped Morganite, New York, NY

I’ll admit it. I never heard of a Morganite before today, but looks like its worth 9,270 BTC or US$2.75 million. Known as “The Pink princess,” this rock is over 169 carats and is the largest of its kind in the world. Morganite is also known as Aluminum Beryllium Silicate (same family as green emerald), "Pink Emerald" or "Pink Beryl" and is 30,000 times rarer than diamond.


Custom 1970 Hemi Cuda, Copenhagen, Denmark

Speaking of a beast, have I shown you what a mint-condition, totally restored 1970 Hemi Cuda looks like? There are amazing ’69 Mustangs that sell, for three times the price, but can’t hold a candle to this when it comes to animal magnetism. Full Ridetech air suspension; 705 BHP? 20” Boze Forged 3-pece wheels that are 8.5” wide up front and a foot in the rear.

Inside, this Cuda features a custom interior with Bang & Olufsen speakers, a center dash-mounted iPad controlling it. Taking security access to a whole new level, the car is activated by an RFID chip, either injected into your hand or as a regular key. Fully electric Recaro sport top-line seats ensure a pleasant drive. Costs? The lowest on this list sits at 485 BTC or 130,000 Euros.


Private Island, Pohnpei, Micronesia

Or just get your own place. I mean your own place on Earth on an island to yourself. Just 1,550 Bitcoins or US$459,000 and you have an island paradise to do with what you please. Name it Satoshi Island!  Three acres surrounded by beautiful clear waters offering top-notch surfing and sport fishing. Just 35 minutes from the airport and close to great medical care as well. No taxes on cars, yachts or imports. A national marine park protects your environment, too. Own the coolest beach ever!


Why Invest in Africoin?

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