How Do I Buy Africoin

You buy Africoin through exchangers. You are expected to pay in your local currency to the exchnager while he will in turn credit your wallet with Africoin. The price per unit changes regularly and because of the relative scarcity of the AFC at the moment prices are spiking. The average rate exchangers are selling the AFC at the moment is within this range $0.04 - $0.06.

You can also buy Africoin from members who have Africoins and are willing to sell to you. At the moment all 40,000,000+ coins are already distributed across the Africoin community.

During this pre-launch stage, you can buy Africoin Blocks for far less the current market price if you are a networker and can distribute the coins quickly. AFC blocks comes in 100,000 units. An AFC block can be purchased from exchangers for as low as $0.005 per coin. For further details, send an email to

How Do I Sell(Exchange) My Africoin

To sell your coin, you simply exchange it through any of the AFC exchange platforms. Here is an example of one of the exchange platforms

You can also transfer AFC to other members using the Transfer button.

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