Africoin Quick Start

Step 1: Account Creation
To get started, visit and signup or visit an Africoin partners' office near you and they will take you through the process.
Step 2: Buying Africoin
Once signed up, a digital wallet will be created for you. Your digital wallet holds all your Africoins. You are expected to fund your wallet through sending a payment the Africoin Bitcoin address or through any of the local Reps in your country. A unit of Africoin AFC is officially valued for about $0.51 per coin. Send a mail to to purchase your Africoins.
Step 3: Track Price Movement
Once your wallet is funded, you are ready to make profits from price movements. You can constantly track the official AFC price from or from your social group on whatsapp, facebook or from other members who are well updated.
Step 4: Taking Your Profit
Assuming you bought 100,000 AFC at $0.001 per unit for $100. When the price grows to $0.02, your investment would have risen to $2,000 from the initial $100 invested. This implies a $1,900 profit made.

To take out this profit, you simply contact an exchanger and convert your AFC coins back to money(fiat). The dollar value (or money in your local currency) will be paid to you directly to your bank account by the exchanger.

How Do I Buy Africoin?

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